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Our Future Projects

Waste Management

The growing awareness in the people combined with the tightening of the statutory norms has strongly activated this sector & a sudden upsurge in the concerned activities has been witnessed in the recent past. We at HBG too took it as a challenge & took up various projects with the Municipal bodies, APMCs, Industries, Gated communities, etc. thereby full spectrum of MSW services which includes solid waste collection, transportation, processing and disposal services across the country, primarily catering to Indian municipalities. We are among the select few who have pioneered in MSW collection and transportation sector. We are among the key players in landfill construction and management sector with in-house expertise. We are also present in the emerging waste management area in India which is MSW based WTE.


Our [Mission]

To become a valued partner to our customers and to make a significant contribution towards preserving the environment by planning and implementing strategies to ensure that the country’s need for a total solid waste management solution is fully met.

Key [Services ] Offered are as follows:

It has always been our endeavour to deliver high quality services at every stage of our projects. We have a highly competent & experienced team of engineers and other professionals to ensure high quality & timely execution of all projects being undertaken by HBG. Besides that our project sites are adequately stocked with spares. Through our store inventory management, we strive to achieve optimal stock levels of spare parts.