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Heera Chemical Industries started in 2002. The Plant’s total capacity is 60 KLPD i.e. 16500 KL/annum, based on Molecular Sieve Technology.

Ethanol is a versatile fuel, that can be Blended with Gasoline and Motor Spirit to enhance Octane and Oxygen value, which reduces air pollution and Improves the automobile performance. Simply we call it Absolute Alcohol (anhydrous alcohol) having purity of more than 99.6%

It can be used as renewable source of energy to increase the fuel supply & reduce our dependency on import of crude oil. Its Increases the nation’s ability to control its own security and economic features. It reduces gas emissions toxins like CO2 and CO (Carbon Monoxide,) which are major contributors of Global Warming. The plant cultivated for ethanol productions absorbs CO2 from atmosphere.


Ethanol can be blended with Motor Spirit up to 22%. It is also used as a substitute for Petroleum Solvents. Ethanol is mainly used in Pharma, Chemicals, Drug, Fabric, Plastic, Polymer Industry.

India consumes around 7.0 Million metric ton petrol in a year. Present installed distillery capacity in the country is 3100 million liters per year. 55% of present production is for IMFL whereas rest 45% is used for pharmaceutical and industrial  application.   

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